Norfolk Arts Center

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Bringing People and the Arts Together

Organization Profile

At the Norfolk Arts Center we believe great art helps build strong communities.


The Norfolk Arts Center (NAC) mission of "bringing people and the arts together" is successfully accomplished through our presentations of:


  • Outstanding visual arts exhibits

  • Entertaining performing arts events

  • Unique art education opportunities

  • Engaging Community Art Events



Project Description

Bringing People and the Arts together


With your support last year 


  • Bring art classes to Norfolk's assisted-living facility every month with Art for the Young at HeArt.


  • Bring professional theatre companies from across the nation into Norfolk's Johnny Carson Theater for the education and entertainment of over 6,000 Northeast and North-Central Nebraska school students.


  • Present seven outstanding visual art exhibits showcasing artists from throughout the state and across the nation.


  • Offer two separate week-long theatre camps during summer 2017, with Missoula Children's Theatre in June and Norfolk's Youth Theatre in August.


  • Invite everyone into the Norfolk Art's Center gallery every month to celebrate local creativity with First Fridays, an open-mic event.


  • On the third Friday of each month we will host Community Game Night, an evening for board-game lovers of all ages.


  • Offer engaging community events throughout the year, including Soup ‘R Art, VIBE, ‘Fork Fest, and the Riverpoint Kids Festival. 


At the Norfolk Arts Center we are helping build a stronger community by successfully presenting the arts in all their variety. We envision a community where everyone has equal access to the inspiration, knowledge, and enjoyment of the arts. We work with artists, schools, businesses, service organizations, non-profits, and government entities to accomplish our mission of “bringing people and the arts together” for the enlightenment of all.