Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska

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Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska new building supplies

Organization Profile

The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska* (ASNN) was founded in 1995 in Northeast Nebraska by a group of dedicated volunteers and became an official 501 (c)3 in 2001. Our mission is to create a community of resources and solutions through committed care of animals, education of pet ownership, and providing a home for the homeless animals in our community.  We are a 'no-suffer' shelter. That means that we will not euthanize an animal unless it has a debilitating injury or disease that makes their quality of life poor. All expenses are paid by private donations from the community and local businesses. In our first year of operation, we were able to adopt out over 500 animals!! What an incredible feat that we could not have had without YOUR support!


Project Description

The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska has been in operation for a little over a year. We feel like we have mastered the intaking and adopting out, but one area we are hoping to expand is our education area. We want to officially launch 2 programs this year!

Art for Animals is a program that is working with every area elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school youth art programs. Our hope is to make this an annual part of the Art Department’s curriculum. They would paint, draw, etc. a picture of different theme every year and the winner of each age group, in each school, would be hung at the ASNN for a year. The piece of art would be framed, matted, and have their information listed below the art like, “John S., age 9, Stanton Elementary School”. This program is to foster that development within the youth in our area and give them the opportunity to shine. There’s nothing more helpful to a kids self-esteem than hanging up their artwork and it further shows that the ASNN strives to not only serve the Norfolk area, but serve Northeast Nebraska and we are a community facility. The more we get our youth into our facility, the more engaged we can get them in our cause and in philanthropy as a whole.

We would use the funds requested to purchase the 40 frames and mats, that we would switch the artwork and information out every year, so there would be no added cost after the first year of implementation, but would be a benefit for years to come. The total cost of this program would be $1,300.

Paws to Read is our second educational program. Reading can be a very intimidating experience for those who struggle and sometimes parents are not the best audience. Animals are great anxiety reducers, and can act as a non-judgmental and supportive audience that will contribute to building more confidence in reading aloud and potentially more love for reading. The ASNN hopes to launch this program this summer, then develop relationships with area Elementary Schools and continue the program throughout the school year. The funds from the grant would be used to purchase a small library of animal themed books to start (we will solicit for animal themed book donations), ranging from beginner level all the way to an advanced level, in addition to a couple heavy duty bean bags, bookshelf and rugs for the reading area.  We have a small meet and greet room that we will convert to be our reading room until our education room is completed. The total cost of this program would be $500.

The remaining funds will be used in our general operations to continue vaccinating, spay/neuter, and finding  forever homes for all of the homeless animals in our community!