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Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska Caged for a Cause

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The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska* (ASNN) was founded in 1995 in Northeast Nebraska by a group of dedicated volunteers and became an official 501 (c)3 in 2001. Our mission is to create a community of resources and solutions through committed care of animals, education of pet ownership, and providing a home for the homeless animals in our community.  We are a 'no-suffer' shelter. That means that we will not euthanize an animal unless it has a debilitating injury or disease that makes their quality of life poor. All expenses are paid by private donations from the community and local businesses. We adopt out around 500 animals annually, and continue to grow! What an incredible feat that we could not have had without YOUR support!







Project Description

The month leading up to the Norfolk Area Big Give, people from our community are challenged to get a team together and raise money for the ASNN.  On May 22nd, all teams who have reached their goal will send their team leader to present their donation and be Caged for the Cause! Caged in one of the squeaky clean kennels at the ASNN that is!

This is an amazing opportunity for the leaders of our community to work together and challenge each other to be a voice for the voiceless animals in our community and support a completely privately funded animal shelter!  Warm beds, full bellies, and lots of snuggles equal healthy pets that will find their forever home. All of the funds raised through the Norfolk Area Big Give will go towards general operating of the facility, from keeping the AC on during the hot steamy days of summer, to supporting our outreach programs that care for the struggling members of our community through Bright Horizons or Liberty Center, teach kids to read loud and confidently, or even just giving our animals the medical and social support they have desperately needed.

$15,000 will support the ASNN for one FULL month. Our goal is to get as close to that number as possible, so for just one month, we can rest easy know YOU have taken care of these animals and given them the chance they deserve.


The Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska and our furry friends challenge you to get Caged for a Cause!