Oasis Counseling International

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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Organization Profile

Oasis provides an array of professional counseling services to individuals, couples, families and groups with a variety of needs.  Our caring staff consists of fully licensed psychiatrists, therapists, trained specialists, in-home service providers and administrative personnel.  We have two convenient locations in Norfolk and O’Neill with pleasant atmospheres, evening hours and guaranteed confidentiality.  Extras, such as therapy in Spanish and flexible payment options, round out the quality of care our clients receive.  Oasis is a faith-based agency and no one is turned away because they lack the ability to pay.  We seek to be a safe place of refreshment for weary travelers to pause, reflect and engage in psychological and spiritual healing.  Our services include:

  • Major & Minor Mental Health Disorders
  • Anxiety, Depression & Grief Therapy
  • Anger Management & Impulse Control
  • Community Treatment Aid
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Sexual Addictions & Sex Offender Treatment
  • Therapy for Victims of Neglect, Abuse & Trauma; EMDR
  • Marriage Counseling; Divorce & Separation Issues
  • Substance Abuse Treatment; Drug & Alcohol Evaluations
  • Complex Co-Occurring Disorder/Dual Diagnosis
  • Interactive Play Therapy for Children
  • Home Studies for Adoption & Foster Care
  • Family Support, Supervised Visits & Mentoring Program
  • Christian Counseling & Spiritual Inventories
  • Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management

Project Description

Oasis Counseling is in need of your help to start a Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) program at our Norfolk facility.  PCIT is an innovative form of behavioral family intervention.  Many treatment programs either target the parent or the child, but PCIT is distinctive because it focuses on changing the behaviors of both the parent and child while they are being treated together.


During PCIT, the therapist sits behind a one-way mirror and communicates with the parent via a small wireless earphone.  This enables the PCIT therapist to provide live coaching, guidance and prompts all in real-time in order to modify behaviors as they occur and to teach effective parenting techniques.  Therapists can correct errors on the spot and give quick feedback which allows parents the opportunity to immediately practice newly taught skills.  Additionally, the PCIT therapist is able to tailor treatment specifically to each client’s needs since they are observing the parent-child interaction “in the moment.”  Parents are offered support and encouragement as they learn to reinforce positive behaviors, set limits, and implement appropriate discipline techniques.  Research has shown that as a result of PCIT, the behavior problems of children have decreased.  Research has also shown that PCIT is especially helpful for reducing the likelihood of child physical and verbal abuse.  The goal of PCIT is to increase positive, nurturing interactions and to better connect parents and children.  PCIT is an evidence-based best practice with demonstrated success and lasting effectiveness.


In order for Oasis to implement a PCIT program, one of our therapists will travel out-of-state to attend seven days of intensive training for PCIT certification.  That therapist will also participate in a weekly phone consultation for one year with their PCIT trainer who will evaluate our therapist’s cases and provide feedback on six video-recorded sessions.  Additionally, Oasis will need to outfit a therapy room (which will be adjacent to an observation room with a one-way mirror) with a sound system requiring us to attain the following necessary equipment:  a wireless earphone device, microphone and amplifier as well as a video camera in order to record sessions for supervision, training and research purposes.  Please consider donating to this initiative.  We feel it would be of great benefit to the families in this community if Oasis could offer PCIT services.  Thank you for your support!