Elkhorn Valley Museum

Your donation will go toward:
Mannequin Exhibit Cases

Organization Profile

The Elkhorn Valley Museum (EVM) is Norfolk’s regional museum that includes:

* Museum Galleries * Johnny Carson Gallery * Children’s Discovery Zone * Square Turn Tractor * Lueshen Bird Library * Research Center * Dederman Schoolhouse * Dederman Cabin * Cave in EVM’s Verges Park *

EVM is active in the community, taking part in festivals and school events, as well as hosting free annual events that showcase the community’s treasures. EVM cares for and is also home to 1,000s of local artifacts that tell the story of this area.

Project Description

Experience History
at the Elkhorn Valley Museum!

This summer EVM will be deubuting a special temporary Johnny Carson exhibit including Johnny's costumes used for characters on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. To have these artifacts in the exhibit the museum needs new mannequin exhibit cases. From this project EVM will have the appropriate cases to share this new exhibition with the community and highlight historic clothing from our artifact collection and other special exhibitions in the future.

Your support today will go toward funding necessary impovements to display historic costumes and textiles in EVM exhibits for the community.

 Drive-Thru Lemonade Stand


515 Queen City Blvd

If you’d rather give in person, we’re willing to sweeten the deal. Stop by the Elkhorn Valley Museum 11am-4pm and receive a glass of freshly-squeezed homemade lemonade with your donation. Our convenient, drive-thru lemonade stand will also have ginger water (a pioneer drink) and cookies and bars for your sweet tooth.