Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska

Your donation will go toward:
Perfect Day Opportunities

Organization Profile

Mosaic serves the world by creating a life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities. Mosaic is a Nebraska founded, faith-based nonprofit organization formed by the consolidation of Bethphage (founded in 1913 in Axtell, NE) and Martin Luther Homes (founded in 1925 in Sterling, NE) – That’s over 100 years serving people with intellectual disabilities!

Mosaic is able to create a full meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.  With the support of over 150 staff members, Mosaic of Northeast Nebraska proudly serves nearly 100 people with intellectual disabilities providing complete personalized quality care - everything from homes and clothing, to meaningful work and the pursuit of personal happiness.

Mosaic provides the following services in the communities of Norfolk, Columbus, Fremont, Wayne, West Point, and Ponca: job coaching, assisted and/or supported day and residential services, host homes, respite, ICF (Intermediate Care Facilities), CDD (Center for Developmentally Disabled), school contracts, volunteerism, and recreational and spiritual opportunities.

Project Description

Your gift can help make perfect day opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Northeast Nebraska who have limited incomes. Your help will provide them with items that would not be otherwise available through government funding, some of which includes but is not limited to:

1.       Eye and dental care

2.       AED equipment for our two, 24-hour care facilities

3.       Wheelchair repair and upgrades

4.       Gym memberships

5.       Counseling services

6.       Christmas/Birthday/Easter presents

7.       Holiday Dinner celebrations for individuals and their families/guardians

8.       A night out: dinner to their favorite restaurant and a movie

9.       A new bed

10.   Vacation to a dream location or concert tickets to their favorite artist

Ever see the excitement on someone’s face when they are able to fulfill a lifelong dream? You help make that happen!

11.   Rides to and from work

12.   A new work uniform

And much, much more!