Kings Kids Childcare & Preschool

Your donation will go toward:
Play, Race, and Chase

Organization Profile

King's Kids Childcare & Preschool strives to provide a warm, loving, and Christian environment where children can feel secure, have fun and learn through discovery and exploration. Children can connect with teachers and play alongside their friends every day. The staff are trained to facilitate opportunities for individual growth that are age-appropriate for every child. 

Project Description

The funds that are raised during this campaign will go towards building an accessible playground surface for young children at King’s Kids Childcare & Preschool. Play is vital for all children to be able to learn through movement. Playgrounds allow kids to climb, jump, balance and learn relationship skills, such as taking turns and playing together. Having a nice soft playground surface that can be accessed by children with all abilities is crucial. Inclusivity should not be an option, but a human right. Our playground surface will be designed to be accessed by young children, many who are first learning gross motor skills, such as walking and going down a slide. Having the soft surface will protect them as they come off of a slide. Every child should have ample opportunities to play, especially young children like those who attend King's Kids. Playing is learning and learning allows kids to thrive. 

Please join King's Kids as we work together to build our playground and the surface that is accessible for all ages of children and help our children play together.