Women's Empowering Life Line

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Family Room Spaces for Mothers and Children

Organization Profile

The mission of Women's Empowering Life Line is to promote the overall well-being, independence and capabilities of adult women by providing behavioral health treatment services.


Long-Term Residential Treatment

v  Typical length of stay is 6-12 months

v  Designed to treat both substance use and mental health disorders

v  Minimum of 42 hours per week of structured treatment and recovery focused activities

v  Individual counseling services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual

v  Group services to increase self-esteem, effectively manage anger, develop coping   mechanisms, prevent relapse, build healthy relationships, improve nutrition and increase physical activity

v  Skill building activities to promote successful independent living in the community

v  Links to additional resources such as support groups, volunteer opportunities, church and Bible study as well as vocational and educational services

Crisis Respite

v  Provides shelter and support to address immediate behavioral health needs

v  Typical length of stay is less than 2 weeks

v  Designed to prevent unnecessary hospitalization by stabilizing the individual in a residential environment

Outpatient Services

v  Substance Use Disorder Assessments

v  Mental Health Evaluations

v  Individual Counseling

v  Group Counseling

v  Medication Management

v  Peer Support

Project Description

Currently, our facility does not have intentional, designated spaces for family rooms to accommodate mothers and children.  On average, 50% of women at the WELL are mothers whose children regularly visit during their stay in treatment.  The area of parenting often goes hand in hand with long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental health difficulties.  Some women in our programs are also involved with family support services that are in place to assist mothers who are in the reunification process with their children.  The specialized functionality of these rooms will assist in:
1.      Promoting attachment between mother and child
2.      Ensuring an adequate environment to learn and practice parenting skills
3.      Promoting safety and stability for each child who often visits the facility
We would like to create two dedicated spaces for families to spend time in.  One room will be designed to meet the needs of toddlers and preschool-aged children and the second will be designed for infants.  The family can expect a home-like atmosphere during the visits.  Both rooms will be equipped with one rocking chair, toys, a table and chairs/high chair, dishes, microwave and small refrigerator with freezer.  This arrangement will assist mothers in practicing family meal preparation, working on crafts or activities with their children and practicing the basic parenting skills of feedings, discipline, communication, changing diapers/potty training, naptime, etc. 
It is the philosophy of Women’s Empowering Life Line that all women in recovery from behavioral health disorders deserve to be treated in a dignified and caring manner.  It is our philosophy that with proper nurturing and treatment, women can improve the quality of their lives.  The creation of these two family rooms will honor our philosophy by ensuring mothers with children have adequate spaces and environments to properly care for and nurture their children in a dignified and respectful manner at all times