Women's Empowering Life Line

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Second Story Chapel Addition for Expansion of Services

Organization Profile

Women’s Empowering Life Line offers long-term residential and outpatient treatment services to adult women.  In 2001, the Dual Disorder Residential Treatment Program began providing long-term residential services to women with co-occurring disorders of major mental illness and substance use disorder.  In 2009, the Intermediate Residential Treatment Program began providing long-term residential services to women with primary substance use disorders, without requiring the mental illness diagnosis.  The WELL provides services to women only, and prides itself in gender competent services for the consumer.  The mission of Women’s Empowering Life Line, Inc. is to promote the overall health, well-being, independence and capabilities of adult women by providing behavioral health treatment and services. The consumers we serve are Nebraska residents and the majority of those served are from the Region 4 Behavioral Health Service Administration district, which includes twenty-two counties in the Northeast Nebraska area.  Our programming and services include long-term residential treatment, crisis respite and outpatient services.  The length of stay in long-term residential treatment is typically six to twelve months.  Consumers participate in a minimum of 42-hours per week of structured treatment and recovery focused activities, individual counseling services, group services, skill building activities and are linked to additional resources in the community such as support groups and vocational and educational services. Our facility can accommodate up to fifteen women in the long-term residential treatment program. Our crisis respite program is intended to provide shelter and support to address immediate behavioral health needs.  It is also intended to prevent unnecessary hospitalization by stabilizing the individual in a residential environment. The outpatient services program is relatively new for our organization. The WELL began providing outpatient services in 2017, and since then have expanded our services by being able to provide substance use disorder assessments, mental health evaluations, individual counseling, group counseling, medication management and peer support.

Project Description

The women that are served through our program are often survivors of multiple forms of trauma, frequently starting in early childhood. As adults, they are vulnerable to continued traumatic experiences due to homelessness, mental illness and addiction. At The Women's Empowering Life Line, we are dedicated to providing the most current and effective treatments for trauma, so that our women are able to build resiliency and overcome adversity. We are raising money to obtain training so that we are able to bring the most effective trauma treatments to Northeast Nebraska. The field of trauma treatment is constantly evolving as we learn more about how trauma impacts the mind and body. To stay current with the most up-to-date treatments for trauma, it is essential that helping professionals have the opportunity for intensive training in areas such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Neurofeedback. Please help give our survivors their best chance for Trauma Recovery and Resiliency!