Missionary Benedictine Sisters

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Winnebago After School Program

Organization Profile

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters are an international community of monastic women who participate in the missionary service of the Roman Catholic Church by seeking God through community life, prayer, and ministry. In Norfolk the Sisters reside at Immaculata Monastery and Spirituality Center, 300 N. 18th St. The Sisters host a myriad of groups for retreats, meetings, or educational events. In addition, small groups meet for bible sharing and individual retreats. The Sisters strive to serve the world and local community.

Project Description

As part of our outreach to the Winnebago and Omaha peoples, we hope to start an after-school program to serve the local children in Macy.  It is our goal to give children a safe place to learn, play and rest.  This will give their relatives a chance to shop in our thrift store, talk with one of our Sisters, or just spend some time in nature.